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Hot Bolting


Removing old bolts is one of the toughest jobs in the bolting service industry. But, rest assured that Fastorq will not stop when a torque wrench won't do the job. Fastorq has developed the tools for this application through years of experience, and by working with tool manufacturers and top machine shops. Our crews have hot bolted countless old flanges. Our specialized tools work along with our torque equipment to remove old studs from dated pipeline and facility flanges.


  • Production facility refurbishment
  • Preparation for planned shut-ins and turnarounds
  • Replacing sub-standard bolts in flanges
  • Refurbishing crane boom and other structural bolts

Features & Benefits

  • Flameless specialty tooling utilized in place of the common practice of a torch.
  • Experienced personnel, resolving concerns of safety issues sometimes detected when inexperienced personnel attempt flange assemblies.
  • Experienced crew, with the proper equipment, replaces larger crews with less experience lessening exposure to labor intensive safety issues.
  • Assures bolting integrity while pipeline and facility systems are online saves time and money.

Drilling a 1 1/2" to 6" hole through the pipe and pinning prevents the inner strings from falling out in case of loose and weak cement. The pin then can be used as a lifting device to pull the string to the next cut level.


  • A wide range of flange sizes can be correctly and quickly secured by a 2 man crew.
  • Multiple crews and equipment with technical superintendent available for larger projects.
  • Hot-bolting to maintain production until scheduled shut-in or turnaround.
  • Experienced personnel cross-trained to identify and correct a variety of bolting concerns.
  • Resolving flange integrity issues prior to DOT recognition.
  • Providing safety assurance by proper and consistent bolt-load application.
  • Pre job procedures and post job quality assurance documentation.


Pneumatic Bolt Saws
The pneumatic band saw and reciprocating saws are used to cold cut studs in between or above flanges.

Pneumatic Stud Driver
The pneumatic stud driver is used to vibrate and hammer studs that are rustbound in flange holes. It is also used to remove exposed rust, and to split small nuts.

Hydraulic Nut Splitter
Used on conventional flanges for nut sizes of 3/4" to 3 1/8"