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The oil and gas production industry is faced with ever increasing concerns of safety, environment, litigation, and cost. Add to this several recent critical flanged joint failures, new and sophisticated joint designs, and old reliable but difficult to tighten joint designs and you have created the need for improved flanged joint assembly techniques and documentation. Ultrasonic bolt stretch measuring technology is playing an important roll in addressing these concerns. Ultrasonic measuring and recording of bolt stretch has long been used in applications in both oil production and refining where critical equipment requires documented and regular bolt stretch measuring to provide for maximum serviceability and uninterrupted service. As the number of these critical flanged joints increases, Fastorq is prepared and able to help you meet theses challenges with greatly improved, state of the art ultrasonic equipment, written procedures, and highly trained experienced personnel.

With the increased number of remote offshore facilities requiring better planning and greater consideration of maintaining production levels, the use of Ultrasonic technology to assure proper torque or tensioning of critical flanged joints provides vital information allowing operators to better service various production vessels. Having a documented record of the flanged joint integrity of critical vessels provides for better control and understanding of the stresses on each flanged joint and eliminates unnecessary replacement of these vessels and helps minimize costly production interruptions. This approach works well on Deep Water facilities and other platforms where extreme conditions or remote locations jeopardizes the maintenance of desired production levels because of an unexpected vessel failure due to unknown flanged joint integrity.

Note: The accuracy, ease of use, and computer interfacing of ultrasonic bolt stretch measuring equipment has been greatly improved in recent years to the point of eliminating the operator and equipment error that was associated with prior generations of equipment. In addition to purchasing the best available equipment on the market today, Fastorq tests the equipment against load cells and calibrates the unit to the bolts being used in your applications.


  • Internal flanges exposed to extreme temperature changes
  • Bolted connections faced with cyclical or unstable stress conditions
  • Flanged drilling riser connections
  • Flanged production riser connections
  • Flanged connection where bolt load documentation provides necessary information to plan for maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides measured values in lieu of calculated values
  • Provides a method of directly qualifying assembly procedures and assemblers
  • Provides a safer work environment in remote locations due to better understanding of equipment capabilities & service issues
  • Provides for more succinct awareness of changes faced by bolted connections used in extreme environments.
  • Helps develop understanding and therefore avoidance of environmental pressures which generate costly and unsatisfactory circumstances realized in the drilling and production of oil and gas.
  • Integral part of a practical strategy for addressing bolted flange concerns through proactive documentation and maintenance scheduling.


  • Provide for documented approach to maintenance planning for bolted flanges.
  • Validate achieved bolt load values for developing a better understanding of realized stresses
  • Measure changes in bolt load values allowing for a safer, realistic approach to addressing bolted connections used under cyclical stress
  • Assure bolt integrity of riser connections
  • Assure documented measuring of bolt load for flanges used in extreme situations


To measure and keep a record of bolt load count on Fastorq's Ultrasonic measurement